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Tanzkette Thüle
We are the folk dance group "Tanzkette Thüle" and we have got more than 200 members. About 30 of them dance actively in the youth group. The dancers in this group are about 14-35 years old. Besides, we have got a kids group with small dancers who start dancing with the age of 6. This group is called "Lütten Daansers", which means "small dancers".

The aim of our group is to revive traditional dances from our region as well as from other European countries. However, not only the dances are important for us, but also folk songs which are sung and played by our musical group "Sing man tau" ("Sing with us"). Important events of group have always been the participation in the "International Youth Festival" in Wewelsburg, visits to groups abroad, as well as performances in different festivals in our region.



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